Goal Four: Upgrade and Expand Teaching, Research and Clinical Care Facilities and Infrastructure

Our Vision

Centralized and efficient management of UFCD operations and development best supports our ability to be an outstanding institution.

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UFCD’s outstanding students, faculty and staff make up the core of our excellence as an institution. Yet to stay at the leading edge of teaching, research and care, we must invest strategically in infrastructure improvements. These efforts will pay off in improved patient care and safety, stronger research and educational programs, and an expanded pool of patients.


4-1. Renovate and upgrade existing teaching, clinical and research space.

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Substantial improvements to our physical infrastructure are critical to accommodate growth and to enable UFCD to remain competitive. Investments should maximize collaboration, integration and communication within UFCD, with UF and UF Health, as well as with our neighboring communities.

Implementation Strategies

  • Update plans for a building expansion in Gainesville.
  • Create centralized funding structures for shared resources and staff support.
  • Consolidate faculty and staff reporting structures to standardize hiring and retention policies and practices.
  • Create mixed-use space off campus, such as in locations outside the AHC as well as within the state.
  • Explore and analyze options for new or expanded programs in other locations throughout Florida, including faculty practice, residency training and DMD rotations that support clinical and research opportunities.

4-2. Improve the UFCD-wide information technology infrastructure.

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Information technology is the backbone of 21st century education, research and health care. Improvements to information technology infrastructure will thus have benefits for students and residents as well as for patients, researchers and staff. We will expand human capital and physical resources to bolster this key component of the UFCD environment.

Implementation Strategies

  • Evaluate, and enhance where needed, current UFCD information-technology structure, support and associated costs, including student-learning management systems, individual-student dashboards and data warehousing.
  • Update instructional-technology components to enable tracking of assessments and competencies for DMD and advanced education.
  • Explore interoperability and data sharing between EPIC and axiUm clinic-management software systems for both clinical care and research purposes.

4-3. Implement a multi-faceted institutional development program, including a capital campaign to support faculty, facilities, programs and endowments.

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As a nationally ranked institution that is part of the UF family, UFCD has a strong and solid reputation. This favorable standing serves as a launch pad from which to capitalize on successes and further grow resources. Additional revenue earned through philanthropy will support scholarships, faculty recruitment and infrastructure improvement.

Implementation Strategies

  • Launch a multi-year capital campaign that incorporates funding opportunities for key goals and objectives.
  • Employ a more comprehensive approach to engaging donors such as recruiting faculty and students as UFCD ambassadors and increasing outreach to alumni.
  • Develop and implement creative information-technology approaches to facilitate giving.
  • Expand relationships with industries, corporations and foundations to increase gifts.
  • Initiate a “grateful patient” program with faculty referrals.
  • Allocate donor funding for educational- and career-developmental needs of residents, postdoctoral scholars and faculty.

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