Patient Care

Goal Two: Provide Excellent, Patient-Centered, Oral Health Care Grounded in Evidence

Our Vision

The highest quality oral health care is evidence-based and patient-centered, meeting the needs of our highly diverse community of patients.

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UFCD has a longstanding reputation as the primary source for top-quality, affordable oral health services to residents of Gainesville and surrounding areas, as well as in other Florida communities via our community-based dental centers. As a premier U.S. dental school with residency training in every dental specialty recognized by the American Dental Association, UFCD will strive to become a top destination for advanced or specialty care in all aspects of oral health care.


2-1. Develop a robust, patient-centered interprofessional care model with integrated dental and medical management.


In agreement with UFCD’s commitment to educate future dentists through a whole-patient lens that integrates dental and medical care, we will ensure that our patients remain at the center of the care process — from making an initial appointment to participating in care through a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. Implementing digital dentistry wherever possible can improve patient experiences and help increase practice efficiency.

Implementation Strategies

  • Create and maintain customer-service standards and provide training and support to integrate a culture of service in every aspect of our work.
  • Establish a patient access center to handle phone and online appointment requests, cancellations and patient requests.
  • Ensure prompt replies and feedback to referring dental and medical providers with standard operating procedures facilitated by the use of information technology.
  • Document and follow evidence-based guidelines for patient-care management at the point of care.
  • Optimize standards for patient safety, tracking of clinical adverse events and quality assurance through efficient and effective use of information technology.
  • Develop and adopt patient-satisfaction measures that assess health and patient-centered outcomes.

2-2. Expand the UFCD clinical footprint to UF Health clinical sites and other locations.

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A broader UCFD patient community will benefit us in various ways. UF Health patients will benefit from comprehensive health care that includes oral health. UFCD students will develop a better overall understanding of comprehensive dental care through access to a range of learning experiences. Our faculty will engage more fully through increased interactions with UF Health medical providers. The resulting increase in numbers and types of patients will enrich students’ and residents’ experiences. Conversely, an increased patient pool can enhance the college’s educational, research and clinical care.

Implementation Strategies

  • Expand availability of clinical care to other parts of Florida.
  • Increase marketing efforts throughout the UF Health community including to faculty, students, staff and patients.
  • Broaden existing UFCD clinical expertise to provide a fuller range of consultation to predoctoral and advanced education clinics.
  • Attract a broader patient population to support residents’ and students’ educational needs.

2-3. Ensure availability and quality of oral health care for underserved communities in Florida.

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As Florida’s only state-supported dental school, the UFCD commitment to underserved populations is deeply ingrained within our institutional fabric. We will continue to provide high-quality comprehensive care to people throughout the state through UFCD clinics and our community partners. In addition to providing reduced-fee care in student clinics, UFCD will sustain its support for several community-outreach programs that provide oral health education, screening, prevention and dental services to individuals including those with special needs.

Implementation Strategies

  • Bolster support of the UF Statewide Network for Community Oral Health through development of partnerships.
  • Support and encourage service learning in communities through outreach programs and public health rotations to benefit underserved people and enrich student experiences and education.
  • Continue to partner with UF Health to participate in the UF Student Health Professions Education Program to increase opportunities for students underrepresented in the health and research workforce.
  • Prioritize infant oral health education and prevention strategies, and increase access to care for patients with special needs in collaboration with UF Health pediatric medicine specialties.