From the Dean

Dean A. Isabel Garcia
Dean A. Isabel Garcia, D.D.S., M.P.H.

The University of Florida College of Dentistry (UFCD) is a leader in education, clinical care and research. We are proud to be a pillar of the local Gainesville community and a leader in these three areas — regionally, nationally and globally. We are also unique: UFCD is one of only three U.S. dental schools with residency training in the majority of clinical dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.

As the only publicly funded dental school in the state, UFCD has a strong tradition of comprehensive and compassionate service to the community. We have a multi-faceted service mission encompassing patient care, community outreach and education. We remain committed to providing excellent care to individuals across their lifespan — translating discoveries and the best science into practice.

People are our strength! Collectively, our students and residents benefit from the skills and experience of our devoted faculty and staff working in a rich, collaborative environment afforded by being one of the six health colleges at the UF Academic Health Center in Gainesville. As we focus on developing exceptional dentists, specialists, researchers, and leaders, we are mindful that academic excellence must be paired with compassion, integrity and professionalism — and that our future depends on producing not only future clinicians, but also leaders in academia and in the community.

As we plan for the future, we strive to be mission-focused while capitalizing on key opportunities. The UFCD Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 embraces the integrated nature of modern dentistry, oral health and overall health — underscoring essential support for research that informs and transforms patient care. The plan centers on five key goals:

  • Develop and sustain learner-centered education.
  • Provide excellent oral health care grounded in evidence.
  • Support and advance preeminent basic, clinical, translational and population-based research.
  • Upgrade teaching, research and clinical space and infrastructure and ensure resources to support existing and future programs.
  • Enhance and maintain a supportive and humanistic environment.

I welcome your continued input as we strive to advance oral health through excellence in education, research and service.

Isabel Garcia, D.D.S., M.P.H.

Dean, University of Florida College of Dentistry